RFID Automated Robotic High Tech Warehouses – Beware the Promises of Profits Without People

Over the years the distribution warehouse industry has been bombarded with RFID white papers. Most of these claim through the careful crafting of case studies that they can save automated warehouses tons of money on labor if they switch to RFID computerized tracking systems. However, anyone who is truthful about this industry realizes that you can’t get rid of all the people just yet.

Sure, the only real way to save lots of money and cut costs in a large Corporation is by eliminating much of the workforce. That makes sense, but in reality it is not always practical. I often have to advise companies in such situations, when dealing with high-pressure software and tech salespeople promising profits without people, that a distribution or manufacturing company can only cut costs so much using automated robotic high-tech solutions.

Now mind you as a futurist I am all for technology, and as a former businessman now retired I am all for efficiency and saving money. Indeed, I like most people who are decision makers in business realize that labor is by far the biggest cost, and headache. Still, RFID systems are often challenged, and they never do everything go perfect.

Someone needs to run the system, someone needs to check up on the system, and if you think the system is foolproof and can never break you are kidding yourself. In that case, you’ve obviously not been in business long enough to have met Murphy. Murphy is a character who lives in every warehouse, every manufacturing facility, and he causes problems in every single aspect of the supply chain in any distribution system. Don’t kid yourself. Please consider all this.

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