The Science-Art Solution to Climate Change

By on July 11, 2020

Throughout my 1978 Artist-in-residency in the College of Adelaide I wrote to black hole physicists all over the world declaring that when Einstein’s mathematical theories ended up subjected on the common forces obeying the regulation of equal and reverse response, then later his worldview of physics fact would need to be rewritten.

My theories had been recorded in Australian newspaper posts and ended up attacked by influential experts as currently being nonsense. Nevertheless, two entire world famous black hole physicists, John Taylor and Remo Ruffini, came to my defence as well as the argument grew to become a topic of Global scientific speculation.

In 1979 the Science Unit of Australian Countrywide Tv documented the life’s perform of seven entire world well known experts and bundled my Science-Artwork theories into their 8-aspect sequence, The Researchers – Profiles of Discovery. This was screened internationally and my area was sub-titled, Pope – The Catalyst. The Director on the Science Unit of Australian National Tv viewed as that my exploration was acting like a catalyst to the introduction of a far more Highly developed Organic science. He held that my theories held details demonstrating that Einstein’s mathematical structure of fact will not apply to Organic techniques.

A human catalyst doesn’t lead monumental functions of intellect to the earth. He or she in some way permits great scientific variations to arise by introducing a really compact amount of money of information that makes terrific alterations occur. In my situation for example, when Plato’s ethical sacred geometrical arithmetic was revealed to belong to Organic science then quantum mechanical mathematical logic commences to fall apart.

Plato held that the two ethical and unethical creative assumed-forms existed. These had been made with the working with the magnetic Qualities of lodestone, which he related to the workings of the common everyday living drive. He related electromagnetic geometrical properties of lightning to become interacting Along with the evolution of consciousness. This process may be connected to the formation of other geometrical patterns in mother nature, such as when daylight triggering evaporation of moist mud brings about the formation of geometrical styles. Einstein’s mathematics Alternatively, may be regarded as illusionary, becoming centered upon a geometrical stage having no width, breadth or depth. Plato referred to these mathematicians as prisoners compelled to obey the shadowy illusions of truth described in his Parable of your Cave.

Norbert Wiener, the father of recent cybernetics, invented it being a weapon of destruction. He afterwards realized it absolutely was way more harmful than all out atomic warfare. Wiener then recognized that his evolutionary Development in Physics belonged to Plato’s moral cybernetics mathematics. Cybernetic geometry is about emotional consciousness existing in two sorts, a single biologically creative and the opposite biologically damaging. The Innovative cybernetics is programmed to make the most of elements from a multidimensional universe over and above the comprehension of primitive tribal science. The acute aggressiveness on the assumed-variety performing belonging for the mathematicians held captive within just Plato’s cave of illusory truth was simply just a standard state of evolving tribal consciousness.

Einstein’s obligation to intense tribal science is designed distinct inside a Chinese text of your oldest military treatise on earth. “The artwork of war is of crucial value for the Point out. It’s a make any difference of daily life and Dying, a road both to security or to ruin. For this reason It’s a issue of inquiry which could on no account be neglected”. Plato’s saviours in his futuristic The Republic can be regarded as his “Guardians” of a brand new artistic Resourceful biological science building the forces equivalent and opposite towards the primitive forces of chaotic destruction. Plato’s ethical mathematics appears to get regarding how civilization could become Element of the overall health in the universe to be able to stay away from the extinction that took place on the seemingly warlike armour-plated dinosaur fossils unearthed by ancient Greek explorers.

DNA now indisputably demonstrates this intense compulsive action to get a species to harm alone has become going through a human survival considered-sort transition. Tribal science’s destructive cybernetic thought-kind steps can be replaced by its Innovative cybernetic reactionary counterpart. Plato’s Academy as a medical institute, in The sunshine of new Science-Art neurological discoveries, is Evidently coming into right into a Artistic period, replacing the harmful cybernetic mathematical Artwork of War with Plato’s ethical sacred geometrical cybernetics. Soon after some 2400 several years the nature of Plato’s antidote to this scientific Problem has become evident, as is stated in this post.

Plato’s Academy was recognized forty five decades following the Golden Age of Greek ‘tribal’ Democracy collapsed when its leader, Pericles, died of the great plague that decimated the Athenian populace throughout its war Along with the Spartans. It grew to become approved understanding amongst educated Greeks that “tribal democracy carried some sort of emotional imagined-variety disease.” As Dr Warren Lidz at Bentley University’s Department of Philosophy has identified, “Greek philosophy may be adequately understood provided that one particular recognizes that it arose in conjunction with ancient healthcare concept”.

Through the Golden age of Islamic Science the Arab mathematician and physicist, Ibn al-Haytham, generally referred to as the Father of contemporary optics, proclaimed that Plato’s optical mathematical science embraced an moral element. His research introduced ethical sacred geometrical theories to Western tribal science. However, he remained perplexed about associating moral mathematics with Plato’s optical idea of infinity. My Analysis Centre in Australia decided to resolve this centuries outdated mathematical dilemma, the moment and for all, to be able to know how tribal science may make the transition to its human survival Resourceful mathematical counterpart.

My attendance within the 1979 Marcel Grossman Conference on Common Relativity with the Worldwide Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, presented me with the chance to converse with Neils Bohr’s colleague, Kun Huang, leading the Chinese Physics Delegation at the entire world Summit Conference of Science. We fixed how the Centre in Australia could become the very first analysis institute on the planet to demonstrate how the lifestyle-drive mathematically directs the evolution of everyday living-sorts. Plato’s ethical sacred Science-Artwork geometry was inscribed into the whole world’s seashell fossil report and for that reason Pc programs could establish if Plato’s ethical optical lifetime-drive mathematics did or did not evolve to infinity. When they did then Einstein’s arithmetic would Evidently be illusory as Plato predicted.

In the course of the 1980s the Centre made Laptop or computer packages using Plato’s infinite mathematics to measure the route which the everyday living-force was using evolution in. Einstein had no idea that Plato’s infinite mathematical program was dependent on fractal geometrical logic. It absolutely was noted through the Smithonian/NASA Astrophysics Details Program, The Principle of Fractal Cosmos: 1. Anaxagoras’ Cosmology in 2001, that Anaxagoras had created infinite fractal mathematics to clarify the existence with the existence-power. Einstein did not recognize that Anaxagoras’ electromagnetic geometrical logic was dependent upon a biological element of infinite fractal geometrical logic. To Einstein that was an impossibility as his quantum mathematical worldview demanded the extinction of all lifestyle within the universe, so it couldn’t be evolving toward infinity.

Also in the nineteen eighties, the Centre programmed Plato’s moral infinite fractal Science-Art logic in just Computer system systems to make the evolving long term seashell geometrical sorts from their previously ancestral fossilized forms. The seashell simulations produced, matched perfectly with present working day seashells. This shown the presence of a lifetime-force guiding an evolutionary growth of species that would, based on the arithmetic, continue infinitely. For the Centre this shown that there was a necessity for a new comprehension concerning Einstein’s mathematical worldview. Plainly now it is essential for his worldview to be well balanced which has a Newtonian equivalent and reverse drive, a life-power, that in Organic methods enables the evolution of daily life-varieties to carry on infinitely. Even though prevailing tribal science acclaimed certain optical elements of the seashell experiment it had no interest in anyway in almost any criticism of Einstein’s worldview.

The world’s greatest technological analysis institute, IEEE in Washington, acclaimed the seashell findings as a very important optical mathematic discovery from 20th Century scientific literature. It absolutely was positioned alongside this kind of names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick. The Institute for Fundamental Study in the United states of america as well as the Centre’s mathematician afterwards transposed the optical mathematical discovery into a physics format. On account of this and even further investigation it was pointed out that when Einstein’s quantum mechanical mathematics was used to deliver the seashell simulations, only deformed carcinogenic photos were being obtainable. For that reason, Einstein’s quantum mechanical symmetrical arithmetic was found through the Centre as carcinogenic, which happens to be in step with what might be envisioned given his mechanistic science getting governed through the legislation of chaos.

From this it now appears evident which the procedures of lifetime love the benefit of a pressure that can provide purchase into what would in any other case degrade into chaos. Most importantly, this means that this new understanding of physics is about to carry about a revolution in the treatment of most cancers.

This paper is currently being composed to clarify that Plato’s human survival cybernetic mathematics is directly associated with the opportunity to resolve lots of inconsistencies amongst our good results in creating systems that provide humanity as well as the growing destructive impacts of technologies on residing systems. It now appears apparent that tribal science contains a basic incapability to understand any concept involving an ethical knowledge of the guidelines of cybernetic physics.

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